Mercedes-Benz Kicker Champion

Each day, the Mercedes-Benz Kicker Champion is determined as the conclusion of the sports program. The time window is approx. 18.00 – 19.00h.


If there is sufficient wind, the competition takes place with kite, if the wind is not sufficient, a jet ski or boat is used. Daily max. 8 riders (professionals registered at the event) can register   for the competition.


The riders show within 2 attempts their best trick, which is judged by the judges of the GKA. The winner of the day is the rider, who according to Judges rating showed the “Best Trick” over the kicker. Every winner of the day gets a prize money of 500, – €.




  • Mercedes-Benz Kicker Champion Session Winner: Maxime Chabloz




  • Mercedes-Benz Kicker Champion Session Winner: Pippa van Iersel and Cohan van Dijk




  • Mercedes-Benz Kicker Campion Session Winner: Maxime Chabloz