About This Project

How much does the entrance cost?

The whole event, including the open-air-party is free of charge. You just need a valid guest ticket (2,00€/person for a daily ticket)  or an Ostseecard to access the beach.

If you spent your holidays on Fehmarn ask your lessor or hotel for the Ostseecard.


What are the opening hours?

Monday to Wednesday and Sundays the event will start at 10 a.m. and end at 10 p.m. Thursday to Saturday the open-air-event will end at 11.30 p.m. The event will end at the 4th of August at 6 p.m.

Where can I sleep?

Near the event area you will find the IFA Fehmarn Hotel & Ferien-Centrum and other hotels and apartments. Moreover, you will find a lot of guest rooms and a hostel around the island.

A holiday apartment with sea view, child-friendly accommodations or holiday with a dog -in the host list of Fehmarn you will find the perfect place to stay.

Fehmarn also has a lot of camping grounds (near the event area), which are aligned for all kind of caravans, trailers and tents. Moreover we will organize an event campground for you. (Information’s will follow)

Camping in the nature is forbidden by law and will be punished by regulatory authorities.


Are there possibilities to park my car?

There are a lot of public parking lots near the event area. Please consider any parking charge. We recommend arriving by public transportation. More information about the arrival you will find here.


What does the sportive program looks like?

As in the last years, we will present you the world’s best kitesurfer on the coast of Fehmarn again in 2018. Which of the different disciplines, which of the different disciplines that we presented you in the past will take place in this year, is still pending? But we can guarantee that we will have ten days of sportive delicacies!


Will there be parties on Fehmarn?

A Mercedes-Benz Kitesurf World Cup without great parties would not be the same. On both weekends (Friday and Saturday) we will present you some great live acts on our event stage, who will rock your evening. Who will be our musicians, we will announce soon.


How are the wind conditions?

Fehmarn is famous for its good weather and wind conditions. At the Baltic Sea side the wind direction is east to southwest.


Are there sanitary facilities on the event area?

Of course. There will be enough toilets on the event area.


Can we lighting up a fire or having a barbecue at the beach?

Unfortunately not! Lighting up a fire or having a barbecue at the beach is absolutely forbidden.


Is it possible for wheelchair user to get to the event area/beach?

It is possible to rent a special wheelchair which can drive at the beach and in the water. Please contact the DLRG at the beach of Burgtiefe.

DLRG, Südstrandpromenade, 23769 Fehmarn/OT Burgtiefe,

Tel. +49 (4371) 506381.


Can I bring my dog to the event area?

Yes, but please make sure that the dog is on lead and that loud music and a lot of people can stress your dog.


Do you have any questions? Just send us an E-Mail: helfers@act-agency.com or contact us on Facebook www.facebook.de/kitesurfworldcup.