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Fehmarn is the only island in the Baltic Sea of Schleswig-Holstein and with 2.200 sunshine days one of the most sunny regions in Germany. 185 square meters wide, Fehmarn is the third biggest island in the country and has a multifarious 78 kilometers long coast line.



Weather sand beaches, nature beaches or cliff coasts -the beach sections on Fehmarn are very diverse and they couldn’t be more different. On the way to your dream beach you just have to follow the cardinal points. While the most beautiful sand beaches are located in the south, the eastern coast is famous for its cliffs. The north is characterized by a great dune landscape and inland seas and in the west you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Fehmarn has the right places for everyone.

The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup will take place in the south of the island (Südstrand), where the sand is as white as on Hawaii.



With millions of starts and landings every year, Fehmarn can easily complain with the biggest airports on earth, like the Atlanta International Airport or the London Heathrow. The only difference: Instead of planes, thousands of migrating birds are landing in the three big nature reserves on Fehmarn and take Fehmarn as a station during their flight between their breeding areas and their winter habitats. Wallnau, Grüner Brink and Krummsteert are ideal habitats for the birds. Of that reason Fehmarn is a paradise for every hobby-ornithologist and bird lovers. A visit at one of the water bird reserves is compulsory. ? (A visit of the water bird reserves is worthwhile. )



Fishing, beach volleyball, golf, riding, tennis or geocaching -the sportive offers are nearly as diverse as the nature. The 80 kilometers long coast is also great for hiking and biking. Discover Fehmarn on your own.

Fehmarn is also a great place for all kind of watersports and offers spots for beginner and pros. The flat water and the wide beaches offer great conditions for kitesurfers. Depends on the wind conditions, the water surface is smooth or choppy with a moderate surge of waves.

Not last because of the Kitesurf World Cup, Fehmarn is really worth visiting and tempt with its varied nature, great leisure opportunities and sunshine. A visit is worth in any case – Promised!


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