Side Events

About This Project

What awaits you at the Mercedes-Benz Kitesurf World Cup 2018?


Exciting action on the water at the South Beach, top kite brands, test material, while there is much to explore on the event grounds right on the beach promenade for all visitors large and small.

Games, sports, live music, culinary treats and also relaxation are on the program. And of course you can also test and shop.


Right on the beach …


… the kitesurf brands Duotone, Airush, Eleveight, KOLD Shapes and Ion present their latest 2019 material. Get advice locally, talk shop with the pros, come to the autograph session and of course you can borrow the material for testing.

The Fanatic and Starboard SUP boards are the alternatives for the windless time on the water and a full-body athletic challenge. Anyone who has been thinking about buying a SUPS for a long time can test them on site.


Right on the event grounds …


… you can not only test but also learn tricks. In the Canon Academy, you’ll learn how to take the best photos of the kiter’s coolest jumps. Free short photo workshops with the latest generation Canon cameras and lenses put you and your pictures in the right light.

The workshop can be booked via the following link:


Of course you can feast, shop or chill on the event area to your heart’s content. New this year – the beach sauna. More is not revealed – let yourself be surprised!


In our BeachClub at the event area, you can enjoy the sun with friends and family with a delicious cocktail, set a new record on the skimboard track or simply enjoy the hustle and bustle before the big N-JOY THE PARTY rises on Friday and Saturday nights.


Lounge beats accompany you on your visit to the Mercedes Benz #sportsgarage when you prove your sense of balance on the surfing simulator or feel the great freedom on four wheels in the new Mercedes-Benz motorhome Marco Polo.


With the trendy clothing label Schwerelosigkite #swlk with individual patches from old kites and accessories from kites you can shop this year particularly sustainable. Here is completely dispensed plastic.


Whether you are looking for smart individualized caps by Rubde, sunglasses made from local woods by Takeashot, jewelery by Neptunsgeschmeide or from the ever-changing collection of vintage love clothing, you decide. We are pleased to present you these top brands on our event site. Now you are spoiled for choice.


And so you probably will, if you have to choose between all the goodies in the food truck-court. What can it be for you? Hot-spicy from Thai-Asia or a spicy curry with chips red / white from the swivel grill, or maybe you want to try the vegan palate by VanKoch? But there are also the mega-burgers from the cool Airstream camper or Swedish Köttbullar from Möllers? In the end, but definitely a delicious coffee from First Love Coffee. Just stay a few days, then you can try everything!


Bad conscience after the delicious meal? Then we have a recommendation. Have a look at our fitness experts from Casada and Thermofit. Here you will be advised individually when it comes to fitness and relaxation. The fitness equipment may of course be tested immediately.